Income protection

About Income Protection

If you were unable to work due to illness or injury, how would you continue to meet your ongoing financial commitments and support you and your family? Income Protection protects against this uncertainty. The policy will pay out a monthly benefit in such circumstances, providing an alternative income until you return to work. If you can't return to work, the payments will continue until your selected retirement age.

Our price comparison service is designed to provide an indicative cost of monthly premiums from the whole market. The variables of Income Protection means it can be difficult to select the right plan, so as independent advisers, we want to help guide you to the optimum level and type cover for your specific circumstances, so we would suggest getting in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Income Protection guide helps you understand some of the specific features and benefits of Income Protection including Occupation Definitions and Deferred Periods.

If you are looking for insurance for your business, this can sometimes be a specialised area, so do in get contact with us to discuss your requirements.

As wholly independent advisers we able to draw on quotes from the whole of the insurance market and we will take the time to get to know you to ensure what matters to you is protected with the right policy.

The team are experts in this field and can be called on 01823 250750 to answer any questions.